Top 10 Best Diaper Bags

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Your Guide To Buying A Diaper Bag

Your Guide To Buying A Diaper Bag

Having the right diaper bag is indispensable when you have a little one. With a newborn comes all of those newborn things, and you’ll want to be sure you know where everything is, and more importantly where to find it. Diaper changes are not a piece of cake even at home; so while you're out, make things easier on yourself by having a great diaper bag with everything you need inside. Selecting the right diaper bag is easy when you consider a few of these key points:

  • Storage Look for a bag that can fit all the essentials in an easily accessible organized way. Bags with compartments for your cell phone, changing pad, diapers, wipes and creams are extremely practical. Many bags will also come with exterior storage and insulated pockets for bottles, which are also very useful features to have.
  • Ease of use You'll want to have a diaper bag that widely opens so that you can easily access the contents. A lighter interior will also help you locate what you need faster than trying to grope around in a dark bag.
  • Quality This bag is an investment, as you will be using it for years. It can be a real hassle to discover your zipper is busted, or that your strap broke while you are away from home. Buying a quality diaper bag will ensure years of use. Less expensive bags can be appealing at first, but when you realize the cost of replacing it, you may consider going for the mid-priced range bags instead.
  • Features A great diaper bag will come with additional accessories and features. Many diaper bags include a changing pad, an insulated bottle holder, and a wipes case. Added features like comfy shoulder straps, key clips, or a removable wet bag make everything so much easier and can add a lot to your enjoyment of the bag.
  • Material A strong, durable fabric that is easy to wipe clean is a must. If you can find one that can be thrown in the washing machine, even better.

There are so many types of diaper bags on the market, so you are sure to find something that has all of your needs covered, with a style you love.

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Parents Say

Some moms swear by their large, multi-pocketed diaper bags while others stick the bare necessities in a tote or mini diaper bag. No matter which way you go, just remember: the bigger the bag, the more you’ll put in it.


You can still have that luxurious diaper bag with beautiful fabrics if you want it; just make sure the interior is microfiber or nylon so you can clean it effortlessly.

The 3 W's:

Many parents say the best advice you can get when buying a diaper bag, is to think of the 3 W’s: washable, wipeable, and waterproof.

Here are some more diaper bag buying tips from parents, that you need to know about:

Easy Access:

Try to avoid complicated latches. You will appreciate the importance of easy access when your hands are full, and you are trying to get into your diaper bag without looking.


Velcro closures are not the ultimate solution. While they are handy, they are also loud and can wake up a sleeping baby. It has the tendency to wear out and can get stuck on things. Try to find a diaper bag with magnetic or other quiet-closure solutions, and save yourself an unnecessary wake-up or ruined clothing.


If you drop your bag or bend over, you don't want to lose anything. Look for something secure, like a zipper or magnetic closure so that everything stays put.

Cell-phone storage:

While not a necessity, many parents find a cell-phone compartment helpful. That way, your phone is stored safely, and you always know where it is.


Many parents suggest buying two diaper bags. A larger bag for longer outings and a mini diaper bag for short trips to the store or park.

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Experts Say

The professionals suggest these tips when buying a diaper bag


You'll want a bag that won't strain your back, that has ample padding on the straps, and that evenly distributes weight. Think about a backpack if you're concerned about ergonomics.

Stroller Safety:

You can buy a diaper bag designed to hang on your stroller's handlebar, however due to the weight of the bag, it can cause the stroller to tip backward.

Insulated bottle holder:

You will want an insulated bottle holder to keep your baby’s bottle at a safe temperature. Many diaper bags do come with one, but if yours doesn't, you can buy one separately.



If you have twins you will need purchase a diaper bag large enough to accommodate twice as many diapers and essentials.

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Top Brands

Skip Hop

Skip Hop specializes in smartly designed essential products for parents and children. Their unique style and durable products make them a favorite of parents all over the world.


Acting on the idea that fashion can be functional, Ju-Ju-Be has captured the market. Delving deep into the realm of microbes and anti-stick coatings, they make sure to keep the innovation in diaper bags design going.

Petunia Pickle Bottom

Petunia Pickle Bottom offers colorful, eye-catching diaper bags and accessories for mothers and babies. They offer products such as nursing covers, portable changing kits, cosmetics cases, pacifier, bottle holders and wallets to keep essentials.


BEABA (pronounced BAY-ba) is known around the world for its unparallel ability to produce innovative and unique products with a focus on design and technology.


Babymel is a modern and stylish baby bag brand, founded in London in 2006. Babymel offers parents fashionable and affordable bags crafted with durable fabrics and easy wipe linings.

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