Top 10 Best Double Strollers

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Your Guide To Buying A Stroller

Your Guide To Buying A Stroller

Strollers are such an important part of your life when you have a little one, especially in those early years. You can expect to use a stroller right from the beginning until your child is about 3 or 4 years old. It feels like there are hundreds of stroller models available these days, So asking yourself a few key questions to make the right choice is critical.

  • Your price range A high price tag doesn't always mean the best stroller, whereas sometimes, going too inexpensive will cause you to replace a stroller earlier than you’d like.
  • Your Location If you live in the city, will you need to navigate over curbs, stairs, and small shop aisles? If you reside in an apartment building without an elevator, you will also need to factor in the weight, size and durability of the stroller.
  • How much you expect to use it Do you plan on taking daily walks, jogs or hikes? If so, you will want to make sure your stroller of choice has excellent durability and pneumatic tires. If you just be using the stroller occasionally, maybe a lightweight stroller will suit your needs.
  • Your growing family If you are planning on expanding your family in the future, you may want to think about buying a stroller with the ability to convert to a double stroller.
  • Does it have all the features you need Decide on the “deal breaker” features. Does the stroller fully recline? Does it have a footbrake or handbrake? Is it compatible with your car seat?

If you are traveling a lot or just need a stroller to navigate narrow shop aisles, you might consider a stroller that is small and lightweight. For active parents, perhaps a rugged jogging stroller would be best. Either way, you'll need a stroller that can be relied on to meet all of your daily needs. It is possible that your stroller needs may change along the way, but if you consider these few key elements you will save yourself from having a garage full of strollers later on.

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Types Of Double Strollers

Here you'll find some useful tips on selecting the right type of stroller, based on your specific needs, as well as what each type of stroller offers


Lightweight Strollers:

Lightweight strollers (or umbrella strollers) are used for babies six months and up. They have a distinct compact fold and are ideal for travel due to their light weight (most are under 15 pounds).


Light, easy to carry strollers are essential in places where elevators aren’t always an option.


These no-frills strollers do not have much padding and are not usually adjustable.


Jogging Strollers:

Jogging strollers allow you to enjoy an active lifestyle, offering a smooth ride for your baby and an easy push for you. Jogging strollers feature three wheels on a lightweight frame and an option to keep the wheel in a fixed position. You may need to buy additional parts for newborns, such as a separate bassinet or car seat adapter for your stroller, but some models do fully recline.


They're perfect for taking your child on long walks, runs, and hikes through the woods and are built to suit an active lifestyle as well as urban life.


Their size makes them hard to maneuver up and down stairs, into elevators, or through stores. Jogging strollers do not fold up as compactly as other models so you will have to have some room for storage.


Double Strollers:

Double strollers allow parents to push two children at once and come in two basic types, tandem and side-by-side. Tandem (or in-line) models allow one child to sit comfortably behind the other, and side-by-side models give kids equal space and comfort while seated next to each other. You may want to consider a few things before deciding which type of double stroller will work for you, such as, the age difference between children and where you will be using this stroller. We recommend that if your kids are a little further apart in age (2 - 4 years difference), you consider a tandem stroller, with one primary seat and an additional second seat or attachment option for a car seat.


Tandem strollers are easier to maneuver through doorways but with side-by-side models the seats are equally comfortable for all passengers.


The rear seats on some tandem models can lack legroom, and one seat may not recline. Whereas side-by-side strollers can be harder to wheel down a crowded sidewalk.

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Parents Say

Keep in mind, as your baby grows, their needs from a stroller will change.

0 to 6 months:

Your baby needs neck and back support. Many parents have given great advice on what to use during this time, suggesting that it may be best just to buy an infant car seat and a car seat stroller frame. For those doing more traveling, perhaps consider a travel system.

6 months to 3 years:

Your child is going to have an increased desire to see and interact with everything around them, at this point it is important to consider your lifestyle when selecting a stroller. You will also have more stroller options, including a jogging or an umbrella stroller.

Here are a few excellent stroller buying tips from knowledgeable parents:

Adjustable seat:

Check recline options when looking for a stroller for your infant, you will want to leave your newborn laying in a reclining (as flat as possible) position when in their stroller. Once your child has head control and can sit up, then you can start to use the seat fully upright, so they can check out the world around them.


Pushing a stroller in a straight line and being able to turn it with one hand is a must and making sure it has wheels that can swivel in the front and back will give you a better turning radius.


A large adjustable sunshade is a total must if you live in a warm, sunny climate. It shades your child from the sun, and will make rides more comfortable. It will also give your child protection from the other elements as well. Despite having a large canopy, you may want to buy a separate weather guard.


A storage basket is critical for hauling extra things like a diaper bag, snacks or cups. As well it will save you from having heavy bags weighing down the back of your stroller, causing possible tip overs.

Washable fabric:

As your baby grows, so does the mess that follows. Look for fabric that is easy to clean and will last a long time. Removable fabric seat covers can make cleanups simple, and are machine washable.


You'll want the frame of your stroller to constructed from a lasting material for support, such as metal or aluminum.

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Experts Say

Experts in child safety and development suggest you follow these important tips when it comes to selecting the right stroller


Check that your stroller has been certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) to make sure it meets current safety standards.

Weight limit:

When buying a stroller for an older child be sure to check the maximum weight limit.


A good restraint system is an absolute must.The safest type is a five-point harness that goes around the waist, between the legs, and over your child's shoulders. You want the buckle done tightly but still comfortable and secure.



In general there are two types of brakes on strollers, hand brake, and foot brake. You want to make sure the brakes are easy to operate and that you won’t kick it while pushing your stroller.

Handle height:

Handles really should be at the user's waist level or slightly below. You may want a stroller with adjustable handles if you're a bit shorter or taller than average.

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Top Brands


BOB Strollers are rugged, high-performance strollers for families who love the outdoors. Think of BOB as the SUV of strollers, if you have an active lifestyle, BOB has the right stroller for you. We suggest checking out the BOB Revolution Flex, one of BOB’s top sellers.


American families trust Britax for safety. They are well known for their rigorous crash testing and are leaders in child safety technology.

Baby Jogger

Baby Jogger is a brand known for their reliable and extremely durable strollers and accessories, that are made to stand all types of terrain. Baby Jogger offers safe, high-quality strollers at a reasonable price. They are best known for their City Mini stroller that boasts top reviews from experts and parents alike.


Contours is a family-owned company based in Chicago, that has been in business for over 70 years. They are dedicated to providing the best baby gear with the best value possible. Their products include award winners such as the Contours Option Elite Stroller, winner of the 2016 Cribsie Award.


Graco is considered some of the most affordable baby products on the market, offering sturdy and affordable strollers for all types of families. Graco is best known for their Pack ‘n Play and their Click Connect Stroller, Car seat, and accessories.

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